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Perfect choice for your summer business: Commercial Ice Machine
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Perfect choice for your summer business: Commercial Ice Machine

Whether you own a hospital, hotel, or restaurant, you should be able to keep a constant supply of clean, fresh ice to protect the health and satisfaction of your customers. It’s why you need an ice machine.

When it comes to buying commercial ice machines, the wide variety of options can be overwhelming. You need an ice maker that can not only keep up with demand but also create the best type of ice for your business needs.

Before you make this big investment, below are six tips to help you choose the perfect ice maker for your business.

How Much Ice Does Your Business Need?

Running out of ice may be terrible in your business. While you may lease an ice shipping service, their fees are too high. The first-rate manner to preserve a steady deliver of ice is to have a business ice-making system that resources the proper quantity of ice in your business.

Ice Maker

Depending for your commercial enterprise, ice may be utilized in loads of unique places. To decide the quantity of ice you require, you have to cognizance at the number one location you’ll be the usage of ice. For instance, in case you very own a restaurant, you have to recognize how tons ice is wanted to fill up the bar location or for meals guidance with inside the kitchen.

You can use an ice device estimator to assist calculate your industry’s ice needs. When selecting your ice amount, make certain you base it for your freshest or busiest day. What’s more, you could ask your team of workers to have a clean expertise of your ice needs.

What Type of Ice Do You Need?

Ice cubes are available all forms of shapes. But many companies neglect the want to choose a industrial ice maker primarily based totally at the sort of ice that’s best for them.

To pick out the proper ice device, you have to decide which kind of ice dice fits your commercial enterprise needs. Here are the unique forms of ice you could want.

Crescent Cube: They don’t melt too fast. You can use them in bars, hotels, restaurants, and convenience stores.

Flake Ice: This type of ice is preferred in the healthcare industry due to its ability to pack and bend. You can also use it to pack fish and other food items.

Cubelet: It’s less dense with a small appealing shape and is suitable for ice chewers. This type of ice is a better fit for convenience stores, bars, and concessions.

Top Hat: It’s more of a designer ice cube best placed in offices executive suites, or homes.

Free Village ice Maker

What Kind Of Condenser Do You Need?

When choosing a commercial ice-making machine for your business, ensure you select a unit with the appropriate condenser. Since it’s like the engine for your ice maker, it’s essential for ice production. Consider the following three types of condensers:

Air Cooled Condenser

A commercial ice maker with an air-cooled condenser is the most cost-effective choice. To keep ice at the ideal temperature, it uses the ambient air in the room. What’s more, it doesn’t require water. This will help reduce your water bill costs.

Water Cooled Condenser

Water-cooled condensers use water to keep the unit cold. They are effective for small business spaces that don’t have enough clearance to fit air-cooled models. Also, they’re the right fit for areas where the ambient air temperature is greater than 80 degrees. They’re less noisy.

Remote Cooled Condenser

Commercial ice machines with remote cooling condensers are similar to ice machines with air-cooled units. However, the condenser is located separately from the ice maker. They’re also quieter than their air and water-cooled condensers.

Is the Ice Machine the Right Size for Your Space?

Ensure the commercial ice machine you want to buy fits well in your establishment. This is why you should measure the space you want to store the ice machine.

Ice Maker

You also need to take the precise measurement of the machine, including the exterior components like ice bins, ventilation fans, and water filters.

Additionally, make sure the ice maker can pass through your hallways and doorways when you move it into your space.

Square Cube: They’re the slowest to melt and won’t dilute drinks. This ice cube is preferred for bourbon-based drinks.

Gourmet Cube: They melt slowly and don’t stick. Commonly used in upscale environments.

Do You Have the Proper Drainage?

A industrial ice maker device calls for lots of water. If there may be any leftover water from the ice-making process, it wishes to be tired from your commercial enterprise. This is why you ought to take into account your drainage device earlier than getting an ice device.

From wall drains and switch drains to standpipe drains, your commercial enterprise can use those drainage setups with their industrial ice device. However, ground drains are the maximum favored technique for draining ice makers considering that they take care of better volumes of water.

Check the ice device capabilities to make sure it’s appropriate on your property’s drainage device.

Do You Need a Water Filter?

Hard water is unfavorable to the sturdiness of your ice device. To keep away from a luxurious industrial ice device repair, test in case you ought to deployation a water filter. It’ll assist save you lime and scale build-as much as preserve optimum water go with the drift and freeze cycle. What’s more, they assist get rid of chloramine withinside the water.

Water filtration structures are the primary shape of protection and take care of your ice device. It’s why you ought to take into account them whilst you pass looking for a brand new industrial ice maker.



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