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Commercial Ice Maker with Bin Z58160

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· High Efficiency - FREE VILLAGE commercial ice machine produces 360 lbs of ice per day with a powerful compressor, yielding 160 clear ice cubes in 8-15 mins per cycle, with a spacious 200 lb storage bin.
· Innovative Design with Bin - FREE VILLAGE split ice machine separates compressor from ice bucket for increased ice production and storage flexibility, saving space when not in use.
· Quality Construction - Triple insulation with stainless steel, foam layer, and food-grade liner preserves ice for up to 8 hours without melting.
· Touch Screen Control - LCD touch screen panel displays and adjusts ice making process and status, including customizable ice thickness and auto-clean/auto-drain functions.
· Adjustable Settings - Customize ice thickness and making time to fit your needs: Thin ice (5-7 mins), Medium ice (8-11 mins), Thick ice (11-15 mins).

22.83 x 65.66 x 26.29 inches
Bin Capacity:7.06 cu. ft
Production per 24hr: 360 Lbs
Bin storage capacity: 200 Lbs
Material:Stainless Steel , Plastic , Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
ETL Certified:Yes
Ice Production Time:160 PCS/8~15Mins
Self Cleaning: Yes

What's in the box?

1 x Ice Maker
1 x Ice Bin
1 x Ice Scoop
1 x Water Dividing Pipe
1 x Installation Kits
1 x User Manual

Shipping information

Processing Time: 1 - 2 business days
Standard Shipping Time: 2-7 business days


Q: Why did I only receive ice bin and can't find the ice maker?

A: We are sorry that you haven't receive the following parcel, because the product is too large so we had to separate two pieces to ship. So the two shipments may arrive at different times, please wait patiently.

Q: Is water automatically added for new ice or does water have to be added manually?

A: Please note that the machine will automatically add water, no need to manually add water.

Q: Are there models that have refrigeration units to keep the ice frozen?

A: The ice storage bucket has the function of heat preservation and can store ice cubes.

Split Design

Split design is perfect for separating the ice maker from the ice storage, keeping the ice storage area away from the heat dissipation area and reducing ice melting. You can place them separately when you are not using them.

Control Panel with Auto Self-Cleaning

Equipped with a one-touch automatic cleaning function, FREE VILLAGE ice machine can be cleaned simply and easily. The automatic drain function makes the process even easier.

Three Thickened Foam Insulation Layers

The use of food-grade liner, thickened one-piece foam layer, cold-rolled plate triple protection, effectively keep ice cubes from melting for 3-5 hours after power failure. Tip: To keep the ice cubes from melting for a long time, please store them in the refrigerator or freezer.

Filtering Impurities

The original filter is provided to filter out sediment, rust and suspended matter from the water. Creates cleaner, odor-free ice.

Excellent Air Cooling System

Using air to transfer heat out of the machine. Internal fans and vents inside the machine circulate the air. When air flows through the condenser coils, it removes the internal heat, which is then let out through vents in the rear or sides of the ice machine.

Curved Flip Cover & Beveled Lean-to Design

The beveled design allows you not to bend down with less effort to make ideal beverage, but in a very smooth and convenient way.