Built-in Ice Maker Machine Z5836F

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Color: Silver

· Enhanced Capacity & Rapid Ice Making - This ice maker boasts impressive capabilities, crafting up to 80lbs of ice within just 24 hours.

· Sleek Built-in Design - With a built-in design, this ice maker fits perfectly under a standard height kitchen or bar counter.

· Reversible Door & Cold Insulation - Featuring a reversible 3-layer door, offering flexibility in hinge placement for optimal cold insulation.

· Timer Function & Optional Ice Thickness - Users can set to turn on/off the unit and make different thicknesses of ice.

· Self-Cleaning & Automatic Water Supply - Effortlessly initiate self-cleaning with a simple press. The water intake pipe helps to refill water.


Dimensions: ‎20.3"D x 15"W x 33.5"H
‎Capacity: 80 Pounds
Material: Stainless Steel
Voltage: 120V/60Hz

What's in the box:

Ice Maker *1

Water Intake Hose *1

Water Outlet Hose *1

Ice Basket *1

Ice Shovel *1

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Q: How can the Built-in Drain Pump use?

A: In this version, we have upgraded the accessories and added a built-in drain pump to this commercial ice maker. The drain pump can help the machine to better drain water, preventing water leakage caused by blockage inside the machine. Moreover, our drainage pump can support a maximum height of 35.5 inches, so even if your drainage outlet is located at a high position, you don't need to worry about drainage problems.

Q: Can the door be reversible?

A: Yes, the door can be installed on either the left or right side, depending on your preference.

Q: Is water automatically added for new ice or does water have to be added manually?

A: The machine will automatically add water, no need to manually add water.

Q: Are there models that have refrigeration units to keep the ice frozen?

A: The ice storage bucket has the function of heat preservation and can store ice cubes.

LCD Screen

This built-in commercial ice maker has a large LCD display and 4 buttons that support ice making, self-cleaning, and timer functions.

Reversible Door

Equipped with a reversible door, this under counter ice maker can be opened to the left or right depending on your needs.

High-Quality Evaporator

The high quality vaporizer will create 40 connected cubes of ice at once, and you just need to tap it with the complimentary ice shovel to get individual ice cubes.