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Countertop Ice Maker Z3912

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Color: Green


  • Portable: It is portable and can be moved to various locations. Just fill the water tank and it can make ice successfully.
  • High Efficiency: It takes only 8 min to make 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes. Its maximum ice capacity can reach 26 lbs per day.
  • Easy Operation: It is easy to use, just pour water into the tank and press the start button to start making ice smoothly.
  • Transparent Cover: The transparent cover allows you to see the ice-making process easily, making cleaning easier for hygiene.
  • Bullet-shaped Ice: It produces bullet-shaped ice cubes that won't hurt your hands, which is not easy to melt for better cooling.
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Q: Dose the ice maker make transparent ice?

A: Yes but use bottled water or distill water. It depends on the water. Tap water makes white ice.

Q: Is it loud when it's working?

A: Not particularly loud. You hear it when it dumps the cubes into the chamber, but otherwise very quiet.