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Nugget Ice Maker Countertop Z5815NH

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Color: Black
  • Soft Chewable Nugget Ice - Enjoy Sonic's soft, chewable ice at home! FREE VILLAGE's countertop nugget ice maker produces soft, crunchy ice that blends perfectly into drinks.
  • Rapid Ice Production - Make 33lbs≈63Cups of ice per day! Get ice in 12 mins for your first drink, then every 2 mins after. Automatic ice production ensures you're never without ice.
  • Effortless Self-Cleaning - Switch on self-cleaning for hassle-free maintenance. Cleans in 15 mins; drain sewage easily. Relax knowing your appliance is reliable and easy to clean.
  • Easy to Use - One-button operation and transparent window for easy monitoring. Intelligent infrared detects ice levels. Includes ice scoop. Ultimate convenience!
  • Quiet & Compact - Only 40 dB noise level. Compact design perfect for any occasion. Take it anywhere or use it in any room without disturbance.
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Q: Dose the ice maker make transparent ice?

A: Yes but use bottled water or distill water. It depends on the water. Tap water makes white ice.

Q: Is it loud when it's working?

A: Not particularly loud. You hear it when it dumps the cubes into the chamber, but otherwise very quiet.