Free Village® History - About Us
When the impact of climate change had not been so pervasive and summer was not as unbearable as it is now, we started our cooling business from a modest water supply factory in the 1960s.

Free Village manufactures products with values and wishes to bring consumer happiness and laughter. We want to redefined at-home party experience and bring more convenience and create more enjoyable moments for people.

Our products made it possible for the RVers to enjoy a cup of iced water during the hot summer in the wild place.

Suddenly, having parties at home with friends and families or even go out camping became a trend across the globe. Treat loved ones with continued inflow of ice cubes.
ice maker
In the beginning of 2022, approximately 1000 employees are actively involved in our corporation, which consists of three companies worldwide. We are thrilled to announce the the recent completion of a 1.8 million square-foot, three-building facility in—Shenzhen, our beautiful home.

With more than 600 hundred products sold on amazon across the globe, we are proud to call ourselves the leading brand of ice maker in the world.

Moreover, our company has owns some brands ,such as AGLUCKY, Antarctic Star, R.W.FLAME and Kismile.

This will encourage us to focus on our original goal, that is, to bring happiness to more families and help more people better enjoy their party times with friends.
Bearing this in mind, we are working very hard everyday to create, break through and innovate to better serve our customers.

We wish you work hard, and play even harder.